East Chinese Horoscope 2011

on the East Chinese calendar 2011 - the year of Metal Rabbit (Cat).As one observant person, two-room edinichki year just resemble rabbit ears.The new year will be marked by "yin", it symbolizes the male principle, the light metal.All metal plastic, can change its shape to bend under the influence of external forces.So for many people, the theme of change and transformation in this year will be leading.Year require the manifestations of diplomacy, discretion, softness in the decisions of tolerance.In 2011, the fortune will smile hardworking and patient, those who objectively, without illusions, perceives the world.This year should be avoided risky adventures and campaigns, it is better to pay attention to family problems, to help friends and relatives.And the cat, and rabbit as pets will appreciate such support appreciated.You must learn to talk, to listen, to accept the views of others, to come to a compromise.The second symbol of the year - a cat - a born diplomat, see to it that a year has passed in a

peaceful way, without conflict.Is not this the basis of mutual understanding?Of course, those who live by the principle "there are only two opinions: mine and wrong", will have to choose: either to be right, but lonely, or remove your ego a little deeper into the pocket.The same choice is to stand and careerists, who go for a post on the head.Ultimately, only mental flexibility and empathy will bring them good luck.

For those born in the Year of the Rat this year will present a new communication and new contacts and friends and teachers can become the former enemies and competitors.By changing the internal message, you carry around, you can achieve great success.Large workload at the time of amorous affairs postpone the wayside.Explain to your sweetheart that you care just sit and be quiet together.

Bulls in the coming year, too, did their best to get what you want.But persistent and patient fate generous rewards for all their efforts.Your task in the new year - learn to accept help from friends, become more friendly.Your natural tendency to take care of loved ones meets Cat habits, and get support from him.But the pride and arrogance of the benefit will not go.

Tiger - strong, brave, standing at the forefront of life - will be in 2011 to protect the weak and disadvantaged.Therefore, the theme of charity come to you to the next level.Now is the time of strategic plans, prudence and balanced decisions.Do not let the situation take its course, try to analyze what is happening - it will be a cause.

For Rabbit (Cat) coming year will bring benefits for all past work and achievements.Brothers rabbits feel that life is centered around them, the money will accrue to them quickly and easily.So, in 2011 - the best time to build your business, start new businesses.Your tact and natural intuition will help to resolve complicated issues in his personal life.So in all cases you will be fortunate if you will not change its principles.

luck and luck again - that's what will bring good luck Dragons this year.Be at the right time and the right place, and the fate of generous grant you money.Watch your words - will have to fulfill all the promises.Focus your attention on one thing, the perfection in it, and success will come to you.In private life also give as much as you want to get - just this principle will give you peace of satisfaction.

Snake centuries revered wise being, and it is this wisdom and intelligence allow Snakes live this year with a profit.Planning and strategic thinking will help to solve the most difficult and daring task.You will need to learn to trust others.Of course, you would have done everything themselves better than others, but as you can keep everything for yourself?Do not hoard a rage, anger, envy - it is better talk about it constructively.You will receive exactly the emotions that have given themselves the world, so you will be beneficial to treat everything with understanding.

For those born in the year Horses , the coming year will become point "X", when everything will be decided.The cat will make you slow down a little in your life rhythm, leave the habit to decide everything on the run.The financial question can add your experiences, many of the operations of money can arise unsuccessful, but in love, you expect fireworks passions - no one can resist you.

Those born under the sign Goats (Sheep), need to use all his diplomatic gift, then you will have good luck.Many opportunities are circling around you - Be able to see them.Prevention will be your best friend for solving health problems, so do the examination of the body, go to the doctor, that you'll avoid many diseases.

For Monkeys new year will bring an opportunity to invest and invest.This investment will bring you and the material and spiritual balance.Prudent and reasonable this year will be incredibly successful.In personal life, you will be accompanied by a fantastic success, here in your favor your charm.You will attract the people, not reject them - and then you will succeed.

In 2011 Rooster understand that the situation is sometimes easier to take than to try to change it.Loyalty and tranquility will save you from a lot of stress and hassles.You realize that there are no rules without exceptions, that everyone can make mistakes.It is not necessary to give advice too, it can push you to friends.This year, please remember your dreams and listen to them - many will be prophetic.Very high probability that this is the year you will meet your soulmate.

Dog - also a pet like a rabbit and cat, so in the coming year she will be all right.Things will go by themselves, even those who seemed to never overpower you.You will need to give money, happiness, joy with others, because 2011 - the time of investment in the relationship.Money will be in abundance, you will be able to afford what had long dreamed of.Spend time at home, read, meditate, you may want to creatively realized - in the coming year you will be able to do everything.

People born under the sign of the Pig in 2011 due to its natural buoyancy, they will gather around them friends, then you will spend this year's fun and bright.But do not forget about work - in between friendly gatherings where you need to go.Pig will have to set priorities, understand that it is important and what is merely an empty shine.We'll have to be an open public persona, but shyness can stop you, so you should believe in themselves, you can do anything.

East Chinese Horoscope 2011, as you can see, is very successful!Be of good cheer!

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