Stones-mascots for October Scorpions

So now we look at the stones-talismans for October scorpions, which they bring to the wider community garmoniyui joy!

Aventurine - stone of cheerfulness, he carries positive energy, charge a good mood, relieves the owner of the complex, which is so necessary for the Scorpions.It is a stone for creative and talented people, as well as for those who want to change their lives.Aventurine helps with hypertension, wounds and warts, skin and cardiovascular diseases.To do this you need to do aventurine stone massage, wear it in rings and earrings.It improves complexion, heals inflamed skin.

Amethyst - another stone, which can carry Scorpio.Amethyst relieves stress and nervous disorders, relieves the host from insomnia.This purple stone with a rich palette of colors in contact with the body of his master calms the nerves.When headache sclerosis they do massage on the forehead and temples.It helps to restore emotional balance, is a symbol of eternal love and devotion (which is why the amethyst were widow

s and widowers as a sign of eternal love of the spouses).It is better to put in order in silver and worn at all times - it will help in friendship and business matters, amethyst gold lead to the body energy balance.

Hematite or, as it is called in the people, Bloodstone - black or dark red shiny stone.It is often also called the "Black Pearl" for the same noble flickering.Astrologers recommend wearing hematite only cancers and scorpions, the rest of it is contraindicated.This stone for the strong and persistent people should wear silver.He is credited with the property to heal wounds, stop bleeding, clean the blood.The name "hematite" is translated from the Greek and means "blood."It is believed that hematite can reveal magical abilities in Scorpio, protects him from the dark forces, helping to decipher the signs of the universe.

Rhinestone, called in the Bible, "crystal", according to scientists, is associated with the emergence of life on earth.Rhinestone associated with crystal clear thoughts, chastity and modesty.It develops the ability Scorpio learns to listen to the inner voice that helps to establish relationships with others, because of a strong independent character, Scorpio is very difficult to do.Rhinestone promotes concentration in the solution of complex problems, improves memory.Crystal can be placed in the morning and evening in the heart for 10 minutes, it will provide psychological balance.

Moonstone - translucent mineral, bluish or yellowish tint.When you turn the stone should be poured if in doing so he has a uniformly colored structure - before you fake.Moonstone, justifying its name, it is very sensitive to changes in the phases of the moon, the full moon shine well-read it, looking at him in such moments is very easy to plunge into the world of fantasies and dreams.But do not think that is bad - because the owner of the stone is resting, receiving psychological relief.Moonstone will make Scorpio tolerance.Impulsive people, he will not waste mental energy for nothing, will direct the thinking of a peaceful course.It enhances the sense of beauty, it helps to express in various art forms - so it is like to wear artists and musicians.It is believed that moonstone can help resolve difficult issues.To do this, you need to get up at the full moon so that the moonlight fell on the stone lying in the hand.Then focus on the alarming situation and moonstone come across an idea that will be the best solution.

Malachite childhood with tales Bazhov perceived by us as a fabulous stone.In it, according to the national definition, "the joy of the earth assembled."He is considered the performer desires.Scorpio woman is to be careful with malachite - under his influence over female beauty could attract male attention that its owner may be subject to violence.So wear it is in silver, so it will be extinguished aggressive energy.The most powerful malachite in May, at which time it eliminates the irrational fear, melancholy and insomnia.

carnelian name originates from the ancient Russian "appearance of the heart" - in ancient times people have noticed an unusual stone resemblance to the shape of the heart.In Russia, he was revered as a talisman of love.Carnelian stone called in July, during this month of its maximal strength.It helps with nervous disorders, disorders of the digestive tract, constipation, diseases of the genitourinary system.Amulet of this stone will protect from accidents and natural disasters.

Now you know what manner of stones-talismans for October Scorpions will help these ambitious individuals.