Early marriage - good or bad?

But the fireworks died down, ceased to vibrate with music and shouts of "bitter" this wonderful holiday, and you were alone.You are now - the family, with all its joys, difficulties, challenges and responsibilities.And how else, if you are married and are no longer the young man and woman, and the young couple, husband and wife?And how old you are, it does not matter.It is important that you - a whole.And no one asks - and whether early?Are you ready?Do you have any idea what is - a family?Well even if the parents are sympathetic to your decision, even if not in awe of him, did not discourage.Too bad if a little time will pass and you will understand that the hurry ...

In fact, how to understand early in the aisle, or the time has come, before it is too late?And is there any answer to the question: early marriage - good or bad?

single answer, as usual, no.Everything in this world is relative, as banal as it may sound.And so early marriage, too, has its advantages and disadvantages.And because its str

ength depends: and the flexibility, kindness, love young couple themselves, and from the help and support of loved ones and of the living conditions and the material income schedule.Only, perhaps, the main advantage of early marriages can be considered that they, as a rule, are only for love.And, then, they always have the chance to last a lifetime.

What else can be attributed to the benefits of the union of young hearts, is the fact that both - the minimum life experience and strong nerves yet, and therefore, thanks to both of them on the background of a loved one will love shortcomings are almost unnoticeable.In addition, the couple have not yet become accustomed to its new status, and therefore the care and responsibilities in relation to each other is to be a pleasure, not a burden.This will largely contribute to the correct and tactful attitude on the part of parents of young newlyweds.If the older generation have enough common sense and tact to help their children quietly and only when necessary, and not to burden the young family around his neck and did not attempt to establish a dictatorship there, it will allow young couples to learn independence and responsibility for themselves and loved ones.And, then, of their early alliance eventually become a strong family.

main stumbling block in discussions on the topic of early marriage is, of course, the birth of a child.Here the views of supporters and opponents revolve around one key point, but in opposite directions.The first sure that the earlier bear a child, the easier it is to bring up, because you will understand better as close to him because of his age.The second claim, that young parents are still children themselves, and therefore do not have to wait for them any serious consideration to the child, nor the patience, which are closely related to pregnancy and childbirth, or samouschemleniya, without which in the first years of life the newborn can not do.The difficulty is that in its own right, and those and others.What will outweigh - depends entirely on the personal qualities of young parents, their cohesion, readiness to be a support to each other, together to overcome difficulties and to experience failure.

Another big problem causing emotional outbursts and depression, will be sudden and very significant losses spouses of individual freedom.We know that each person at times it is imperative to be alone at least an hour or two to relax, disconnect from everything and everyone.Good or bad, it's not us.But this just may be linked mutual misunderstanding and resentment.Young wife, do not have the necessary life experience, can not yet be organized so as to have time to study, to work, to do all the housework, pay attention to the favorite, but still find time for entertainment.This is an adult not to everyone under force.Another thing that discos and nightclubs, parties and noisy group of friends after a certain age will attract less and less, until they become something rare or do not come to naught.But youth is - the main component of a normal life.And well even if the spouse does not throw a young wife at the mountain of dirty dishes or laundry neglazhennogo not go have fun in the bar with friends.Bad, if they do so together, turning your home into uncleared and uncomfortable shelter, where people come only to sleep.

It is clear that the arguments in favor of early union and against it have much in common.Particularly dependent on the individual case: someone really early marriage and, especially, to have children, and someone quite prepared in this young age.The main thing here, as though it may sound romantic, depends on the sincerity of love, strength of will and kindness, readiness at such a young age to tie the knot and responsibility.Statistics show that the divorce rate among early marriages is very high.And history is replete with cases where early marriage is the beginning of wonderful family relationships, carried through life.