How to show your feelings scorpions

People born under the sign of Scorpio from October 24 to November 22 - is extremely controversial nature, the strongest compared with other signs of the zodiac.They are under the protection of Mars, strong and brutal, and Neptune, powerful and attractive.The close relationship with such a person can not be simple and smooth, they are exciting and unpredictable.Scorpions in the soul of idealists and romantics, but they are afraid to show it, believing that their aura of cynicism may be because of this destroyed.

How to show your feelings scorpions?At the beginning of a relationship is very wary Scorpio behaves in relation to the partner, afraid to trust him.Ideally, the partner will be able to understand the closeness of the inner world of the Scorpion, to listen to him and do not ask too many painful issues.Scorpio realizes that he is vulnerable, but wants to be sure that his partner will not use his weakness for their own purposes.For all his loyalty to loved ones and friends, Scorpio is vindictiv

e, do not forgive slip and do not forget insults.

Scorpio belongs to the category psychologically difficult partners, it is not immediately reveal the depth of his feelings, will be gradually opened to partner more and more facets of his personality.He can not explain the situation to retire for a long time in his inner world, not letting anyone go.For the partner is alienated even more insulting, that it is unclear and seems unjustified.

Scorpio - a complex personality, sensual, prone to all sorts of excesses, including love.Scorpio man is not inclined to people to disclose their feelings.On the side, he is inattentive, sharp-tongued, rude, maybe even violent.But alone it is recognized in the true sense.He is very jealous and this jealousy may not necessarily be to the wife or husband.Scorpio can be jealous, for example, her husband's sister or grandchild to his girlfriend, if he is not pleased with this union.And the resentment and jealousy, it can show the most radical ways, until the complete failure to communicate with loved ones.For years not talking to family and friends, Scorpio heart suffers, but he was too proud to go toward reconciliation.Man-scorpion is capable of the most unexpected things, he is a born actor, able to play on the feelings of others.He brings a strong passion hidden inside animal power that women feel and fly it like moths to a flame.The greatest value to him - freedom, so it is always on the alert not to fall under the charms of women.Men sexually attracted to the weaker sex, even if apparently not covered by the canons of beauty.Sex for them - a standard engine, they are able to achieve intimacy with a partner.They are great seducers, able to feel that they need to choose the "victim": rough man's strength or tenderness and attention.But it would not be sincere impulse, but rather an elaborate plan to conquer.It combines the features of the devil and God, he - a combination of contradictions.But he does not know how to express their pain, internal state, and therefore suffers from a lack of understanding.

Women scorpions sixth sense determine the elect, and he can only submit their magical power.It is raging ocean of passions: it is either definitely loves or hates fiercely, and this applies not only to love the area.She has no half-measures, there is only black and white only, which easily can be swapped in her world.It is scary jealous: easily create a scandal with the smashing of crockery and discarding things from the windows.She does not like a light flirtation, all her novels swallow her head.Those who dream of a sultry woman, found it ideal.Sexually, she violently rejects all conventions, completely surrendering to feelings.Its partners are growing in their own eyes, and even more appreciate it.She - femme fatale for her crumbling family, career, made reckless acts.But her husband, she become faithful assistant and support in business.

Scorpion woman touchy to excess.During telephone conversations he loves to throw the tube away defiantly.But it is easy to excite, it can touchingly care for abandoned animals, feeding them and pristraivaya.She never stoop to in order to ask for help, rather, it will complain about how hard it.Her male kidney and unbridled energy.For her indifferent opinion of others, it can safely go for the favorite to the end of the world, despite the entreaties come to their senses.If it be that she will not ozhzhet circumstances to marry a loved one, it is still a tremulous and tender love him.It will only listen to what she tells her heart.Scorpions can achieve success and happiness in family life, but for this they need to learn how to lead your heart into harmony with the mind.