How nice to meet your soul mate?

soul mate are not only after the third glass.In fact, for the warmth and attraction to another person (often - sudden) meet several other processes.And it is good to know exactly how it happens to you.And one never knows, will use cunning and considerate person ...

So, forewarned - is forearmed.

People often respond:

  • Looks. the elusive like a relative, a childhood friend - and here we are a priori trust the person willing to tell him their secrets, tell us about the most secret.Can suddenly "play" on the shape of the eyebrows to the expression of the eyes.
  • manner of speaking. Knowingly NLP-ers so much attention paid to the construction of phrases and the ability to keep track of exactly how they talk.If you long to train, we can consciously control this process, and it is easier to become "his board" for a person in a short time.And it will only be pleased and surprised - they say, it's nice to meet your soul mate!
  • Listening. Amazingly, not one person noticed: there is a simple and lose vot
    es as soon as you become a pleasant companion, and everyone is ready to meet face to your soul mate.As it happens - it is understandable.
    We all try to save time.Faster do cleaning, coping with work and so on.But "savings" often responds reducing the number of parts that we perceive.And in a conversation - trying to convey to the interlocutor thought, do not have time how to listen to each other.
    Silence or polite nodding colleagues is often perceived as an encouragement to the conversation, and now we wonder how it turns out, nice to meet your soul mate.And the thing is that we have focused on.
  • something in common. We are united not just interests - but rather similar views on the world, the moral attitudes and values.If someone is willing to support, or even share your point of view - it is a direct application for the "kinship of souls."
  • Understanding without words .Well, it happens.Just do not deceive ourselves on this account.Most often sincere silence - the silence, "each of his, but it seems that we think together."We tend to "guess" for another person, what he thinks, based on their own understanding, perception, details.So, inevitably, "think up" for another.A polite people do not, as in the famous joke about his grandmother, Dedkov, spoon and "shit about me again think!»
  • correct reaction / right conclusion. Unfortunately, the phrase "How nice to meet your soul mate!" Hiding selfish desire to remake the world for themselves.And in conversation it appears so.Man completes the phrase for you, makes similar conclusions or observations.It seems that here it is - a soul mate, the one who knows everything, everything!

Who can become a "soul mate"?

very rarely happens that a relative understands "perfectly, poluvzglyada."This has to be tolerated.Understand that blood ties - does not automatically mean "spiritual" people make friends or just communicate more with friends.

native people could be in transport and at work, neighbor, which seems to be superficial and knew nothing new from it did not expect.A friend or a childhood friend, on the contrary, being "all in their own interests" might alienate callousness and lack of understanding.

Caution newcomers and old men, "peace" front

Considering the previous points, try not to have illusions about your interlocutor.And if tomorrow he suddenly says stuff - do not worry.With age, these delusions is becoming less - affect experience.But kindred spirits that are so nice to meet casually, more sincere, and relationships become deeper.