Practical recipes and tips on how to attract good luck

Like all simple, but do not miss the chance to capture that brief moment in which the luck will turn to you his right side?

For many thousands of years of its existence, mankind has invented a lot of ways to attract good luck, luck and success, including the supernatural.After all, if luck - the goddess, and the approach to it must be special - magical.

believed that many plants are able to retain and attract positive energy.So Violet and Crassula (bearish ear, monkey tree) contribute to the well-being and wealth, and cacti and creepers on the contrary - only attract negative energy flows actively interfering positive.

The ancient Chinese believed that there exists a solution to a complex problem by itself if to ring the bell, calling on the help of good spirits.And our ancestors Slavs hung over the entrance to the house of a horseshoe that luck will never leave.Only if will be going to resort to this, all known mascot, remember that it is necessary to horseshoe nailed to the doorpost necessari

ly "horns" up, otherwise all good fortune will result from it.The success of the house can bring a model sailboat, whose nose is directed into the house, instead of a picture or a rooster.

Celts considered a symbol of good luck clover with four leaves, and Russian students and schoolchildren lilac flower with five petals and a lucky ticket, but to find them, you must already be a very lucky man.

So do not rely on magic, better resort to psychology.

Remember, there are no losers, there are only inattentive.Luck comes to all, but can only with bold, with only those who believe in it, and only those who can see it among the troubles of life.

order not to miss their chance - we have to work.Success does not fall from heaven on the head lying on the couch, she loves prepared.After all, to win the lottery, you must first buy a lottery ticket.So if one day you, for example, offered a high-paying job for which you will need to go for any training courses, - boldly go, and do not convince yourself that still nothing happens.From the acquired knowledge you will not be exact worse.

Surprisingly, we spend a huge amount of effort and energy, cultivating their negative emotions and feeling sorry for myself for nothing.Similar to seek similar: the more you are sad and withdraw into themselves, the less chance you have to find their happiness.

positively relate to the world, in everything find its charms.Do not envy anyone envious man can not enjoy life.Guidance of a wise Chinese proverb "do not see, can not hear and speak no evil," Well, and, of course, does not cause harm to anyone, because everything comes back, and it is better to came back good, that creates it.

Luck loves optimists.If you smile, if you have a good mood when you are confident in yourself - you will notice, if not around, it really accurate higher power.

can not want everything at once.It is necessary to clearly articulate their thoughts, desires, goals and dreams.Dream "want something rosy, like the pale blue" can not come true, because "something" does not exist in nature."Something" - this indefinite pronoun, and to dream about specific things, and then they have to be.

When your mind formed the image of what you want to describe your wish on a paper and read aloud.Psychologists say that luck we able to "hear", you just have to not be afraid to talk to her.

balance their desires to their capabilities.It is not necessary to knock on the door tightly closed, especially if there is a wide-open.If you are not hearing - you do not become a singer, but maybe you are talented in anything else?Can you write beautiful poems, which are easy to put on some music?Take a look at yourself sober, identify all of its shortcomings, and most importantly - value.

Learn to see "signs of destiny" prisushivaytes yourself.What is known the world where people are no apparent reason handed a plane ticket, which is then broken up into pieces?They were not just lucky, they knew how to listen.If you feel emotional lift, you feel able to move mountains - so you're on the right track;and if, as he tried, nothing happens, everything breaks down at the last moment, and feel you no good - this road leads you to a dead end.

Follow these tips and everything will be good, because you know tekper practical recipes and tips on how to attract good luck .. Just remember that if we rely too much on luck, it can expose you to an impressive billits services, which you may not be able to pay.