Osteochondrosis of the neck, prevention, treatment of folk remedies and methods

changes occurring as a result of eating disorders of bone and cartilage of the spine, called osteochondrosis.Year after year, consistently low back pain is second only to the influenza, the disease has earned the name of "disease of the century."And, mostly, sick people of working age.In general, the changes associated with osteochondrosis, are more common in people aged 30 to 50 years.Less common in people who are over 50 years old.The causes of osteoarthritis are physical trauma, hypothermia neck and shoulder girdle.Prolonged stress muscle of the cervical spine, in other words, fixed posture, physical activity, and vice versa, if ill-considered movement, disorganized - all this also creates the conditions for the emergence and progression of osteoarthritis.

most common cause of degenerative disc disease is a sedentary lifestyle and improper diet.Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine - a pathological process by which food is broken vertebral discs, which leads to gradual damage.With further progress

ion of the disease intervertebral discs lose their shape and no longer perform its core functions.Spine loses its ability to withstand the physical stress.The inner part of the disk (pulp) gradually hardens and breaks up into islands that can break through the ring of ligaments surrounding the pulp and squeeze the nerve roots of vertebrates, resulting in a herniation of intervertebral - one of the late stages of developing osteoarthritis.

osteochondrosis cervical spine can trigger headaches, pain in the neck and turning into a hand.There may be a feeling of "crawling ants" in the hands and neck.Most low back pain can cause nighttime awakenings due to the onset of pain and numbness in the upper extremities, as in a dream for a long time we arrive in a stationary position.Another manifestation of cervical degenerative disc disease is malnutrition of the brain and the appearance of the corresponding symptoms: sudden weakness, loss of consciousness, head noises, impaired coordination.Accordingly, the presence of this disease need to be especially careful to avoid sharp turns and strong head, a long time to be in a position to raise and move heavy objects.It is necessary to learn how to move, especially to go to bed and get out of bed.At bedtime, sit on the edge of the bed, permitting the spine, keep your head up and back straight.Do not just go to bed, it is better to remain a few seconds in this position, then very gently and slowly lie on your side and lie down for a while.Then take a comfortable position, listen to your body and try not to do anything to not like your spine.When lying on your back, try not to tear his head from the pillow.If necessary, for example, turn to the side, rather carefully "roll over" from the back to the temple.

in the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical frequently use traditional medicine.One of the recipes: Pour boiling water over the leaves of horseradish, then pull out and slightly cooled.Leaves are applied to the back of the neck, on top of the tape and insulate well.Keep about one hour.This compress relieves pain and widens the blood vessels of the brain.

You can also use this recipe: mix the meal with water, making the cake.Fry a pancake in a frying pan without oil.Cool, attach to the back of the neck and hold until cool.
When osteochondrosis also used infusions and decoctions from flowers of tansy, lilac flowers, radish, oats, white bird cherry, St. John's wort, juniper, barberry, sage.You can make a tincture or a decoction of the collection of these herbs.They are used as a diuretic, analgesic, improves metabolism.
But more importantly prevent disease than to treat it.For the prevention of degenerative disc disease is necessary to perform the following exercises:

1.Pozvonochnik line.Shoulder exercises while still.Head tilted to the right (do not rotate!) And without any effort to try to touch the ear, shoulder.In the starting position to go back and make a slope to the left shoulder.Exercise may soon fail.But eventually you'll make it free.

2. The body line.Ear drawn to the right shoulder, chin pointing down, then head slowly rolled to the left shoulder and back.Avoid circular rotation of the head.Make two movements in one direction and two in another.Surges in these exercises are not allowed.
To prevent osteoarthritis, you must observe the following rules: more involved in physical therapy, watch posture.Avoid physical stress at work, at home.And the main thing: to immediately get rid of unpleasant feelings first emerged in the cervical spine.

We hope that our article like you about low back pain neck, prevention, treatment of folk remedies and techniques to help you get rid of this disease.