Causes of underweight

First of all, we should define the causes of underweight.After all, there are all sorts of reasons, even those that can not be corrected.


If you have any old suffered from underweight, it is likely you will have to accept.If your mother, grandmother or even a distant relative were too thin, then that is the case.It genetics, heredity.With it hard to argue.As hard as weight gain.Your only consolation is envious glances girlfriends and friends who dream of a slim figure.

signs of the disease.

If you have not found in the family of slender representatives check their health.Even a common cold can affect appetite.And many of the disease generally eat the body from the inside.If you are constantly underweight, does not help anything, consult your doctor.The reason may be hormonal disorders, swollen or even parasites.

There is such a thing as anorexia nervosa.This diagnosis is very scary.Most often, doctors put his adolescent girls.Imitating models in glossy magazines, beautiful slim girl ac
tresses aspire to become as slender.Often completely abandoning food, exhausting workouts themselves, causing vomiting.Initially, the disease's appetite is dulled, and then disappears altogether.And the result - digestive problems, heart and kidneys.All the cases have become more frequent deaths.


Review your daily schedule.Maybe you are overly exercise in the gym or pool.Or maybe your work involves heavy physical labor.In this case, underweight due to the fact that the body lacks energy.In this case, you should just go for a healthy, balanced diet.

Stress, depression.

Adults, for the most part, are not specifically starve yourself.But to lose weight because of nervous tension, stress, are associated with work or family.If you have lost your appetite - it can be a symptom of depression.

Poor appetite.

There are a number of people, which is peculiar to poor appetite.They take food, not because I want to, but because we must.
Excessive consumption of tea or coffee

seems to be harmless tea.But it can cause underweight.Everything in the fact that tea, like coffee contains caffeine, which is not the best way affects the body.

a major cause of insufficient weight.Everyone refers to his appearance in different ways.You're lucky if you're not worried about your weight, do not kompleksuete.Have a happy and plump and thin persons who do not sit on any diet.They were all happy.And there are those who all their lives using various techniques or weight loss, or weight gain.Doctors also believe that a person's weight to be certain standards.As overweight and lack of it can be harmful to health.Do not abuse either diet or underclothes absorption of high-calorie foods to change their appearance.

Let your weight will always be normal.And most importantly, be happy with yourself, no matter how you look externally.

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