Baby Gift for the new year

What was she beautiful!I am fascinated looking at the thin pale face and said nothing.
- Come on, Katya, - affectionately cheered it.
- you'll definitely happy!- And where there was a confidence in my voice?
- Thank you, Kate.You saved me - sadly came the words.

I watched receding silhouette and children cried tears of happiness.Here it happened, and I also presented a gift - even if not Santa Claus, but the good fairy!Clutching a white box, and money, I rose on the gray, gouged stairs and felt like a princess at the ball.Old smelly staircase does not spoil the impression, I just did not notice his misery and happiness were within me, and it lit all around.When the apartment door opened, and I saw an angry mother, who was holding my little sister, charm evaporated.
I handed my mother the money box is hidden behind his back.
- Fifty dollars!Where did you get them?Stolen?- Angrily asked my mother.
- aunt gave me - I said quietly.
- aunt had given her!So you and I believed him.And that behind?
- Gift.From witches.I will not give it to you - and where was this courage I always quiet and obedient, even downtrodden girl ...
Come quickly shows what have you?

Mother pulled my arm , the other she held the Light year-old, so I was able to dodge and slip into the room, tightly clutching the white box.
I quickly threw the hook, my mother was knocking on the door, but I could.I put a brilliant box on the table and at first admired her, eyeing written black on white «№ 5", and the bottom of the letters.It was only later I learned that in my hands was one of the most famous spirits - "Chanel number 5" and forever remain a mystery to me an act of a beautiful woman, gave me the happiness of children.And then I, numbing delight, tore the cellophane wrapper and opened the box.A small bottle of yellow liquid appeared before my eyes.I carefully opened the cork and held-to-face - to me smelled the fresh scent of jasmine and roses, the smell of wealth and success.And then the smell of perfume always reminded of a beautiful woman, a meeting which changed my life.And when I became an adult myself and something achieved in life, I enjoyed, and now I use these spirits.
Mom then I opened the door and did not.I'm not afraid of her, but she angrily shouted, shaking shouts air:
- Katka, open, creature!What a despicable girl, open, I say!
Sister poured tears, and her mother finally went away from the door, evil, finally shouting:
- Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow.

I went to bed hungry , fell asleep happy, hugged her box.The next morning I hid it previously dropping on his hand and rubbed a drop of on the wrist.My mom was always angry, I do not remember it in a different state - always frowning, anxious, angry.Perhaps life has forced her to be such, and maybe grandfather angrily genes transmitted.She smiles rarely, and always obtain a sinister smile.Still, she took care of me and my sister as she could.And could she bit - work and once again work to feed us somehow, so dressed and shod, we were very poor little, but neatly.

I was ten years old
become even smarter Amy.I take it then from the garden, fed.Mom comes home from work tired and irritable.His father, I did not know.However, when I was seventeen years old, I tried to start a conversation about it, but my mother here, as I was stopped:
- It was not your dad ever.Humble yourself and do not ask me more about my father.
On that memorable New Year's morning, I left the room happy, and my mother, sniffing, asked:
- A, was - not dusty.You razvonyalas than this?
- Nothing, Mom.
I had grown accustomed to not respond to her mother's rudeness, and sometimes silently endured insults, sometimes responded neutrally to mom is not angry.
In early summer, I told my mother about his decision to enter a university.
- You want us to give up, you've always been selfish, Katka.
- Mom, I ... - Do what you want, but remember - I told you, I will not give a penny - not wanting to listen to me, my mother snapped.
went to Kiev and was able to act on a budget place in the Faculty of Economics.
study and work was very difficult, especially at first.However, every two weeks I'm having bought gifts, went home.I Look Who was I glad - so it Sveta.Mom was still dissatisfied with everything:
- And why do you education?She helped us to be better.

I graduated from university, got a job in a foreign company.Earnings allowed to dress-shoe Svetku, save for an apartment, and I myself am accustomed to a very humble existence.
Life I have not evolved.First Love - Victor - was able to build castles in the air, while doing nothing for the realization of their ideas.Then came Kirill, who considered himself the center of the universe, and I was obliged to fulfill his slightest wish.I plucked up courage and told him what I think of him, we parted.And soon the New Year.I'll be alone again in his rented apartment.On the table - a bottle of champagne, fruit and sweets.And be sure - bottle.The one - Chanel № 5. I believe - happiness close.